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WHAT To Throw?


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How It Works

361 FISHING gathers data from many different sources every hour.  It constantly analyzes data about weather, tides, lunar phases and then matches that against our database of locations to fish to provide a real game plan on where to go, when to go, and what to throw.   

  • WHERE to go WHEN to go, WHAT to throw for bay, flats or shore fishermen

  • Sun, moon, tides, feeding times

  • Detailed locations and map for each bay (location coordinates, min depth, max depth, bay-shore-kayak

  • Bay systems - Aransas, Redfish, Copano, St. Charles, Carlos, Mesquite, Corpus Christi,  Ayers  (expanding to more) 

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Sign up, and then submit a "data request" for any bay up to 5 days in advance.   Give yourself a good game plan to help make your day on the water fun and productive.  Trust the algorithm.  Welcome to 361! 


About Us

361 Fishing was founded in 2019 by an expert fisherman and a programmer. We’re a team dedicated to providing key data and insight to anglers to enhance their fishing experience. Our fishing days would begin by looking at 4-5 Iphone apps to try to get enough information for a game plan.  How strong and what direction is the wind blowing?  What's the temp?  What's the water temp and barometric pressure?  What's the hourly forecast?  Then, we'd take all of that info and try to decide which locations on the map were the best bets.  "There must be a better way."  361FISHING is based in Rockport, TX.

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Texas Bay System

While we began producing fishing insight for Aransas and Redfish Bays and have exoanded the service to other bay systems on the Texas coast.

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Focus on Artificial Lures

Our focus is on wade fishing with artificial lures.  The WHERE TO GO section of our email specifies locations in the bay, flats or from shore.   

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