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  • Why didn't I receive the email?
    Sometimes email clients like gmail and yahoo filter out emails based on their secret criteria. This issue is resolved 99% of the time by checking your junk folder and marking it as not junk. 361 can verify the email was sent, what happens after that is hard to tell. If you have checked trash and junk folders and still don't see the email, let us know at
  • Why is the formatting off on the email?
    It's quite a challenge to satisfy all of the different HTML email clients (gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc) so it looks the same on all. So we chose to make it look best in gmail. We recommend using the gmail app on your phone instead of the IPhone mail app - for you IPhone users. For the recipients, we can't help you. :-)
  • This is awesome. Is this going to stay free?
    Thanks. Yes, and no. Certain things will stay free but other things will require a subscription. We are still deciding on the different level plans and what each of them provide.
  • Are you going to have this in an app too?
    Yes. We will probably always have the email version but we are also working on the Apple iWatch interface. Stay tuned.
  • How does all of this work?
    How much time do you have? Tons of data is collected and converted into a common format since each data source has data in different units of measure, collection intervals, etc. Weather, wind, tides, sun, moon, water temps, pressure, etc. Plus, we have detailed data for over 900 locations including GPS coordinates, min and max water depth, bottom types, best and worst wind directions, etc. Those locations combined with all current data for that day are run through our algorithms (secret sauce) to output the "best" locations to try that day. 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. The 361 team reviews these every day and either confirms they made sense or tweaks the algorithm. Some people rely mostly on the data metrics, while others find value in the locations.
  • So if we use this app, will we catch fish?
    The best we can say is "good luck". While there's a lot of logic that goes into locations we recommend for a given day, fishing skills are still required. Other boats may be in that location, or it just doesn't look good, or the fish may not be eating, or they might not be eating what you're throwing, or your presentation is off. A lot of things have to go right and while we think the app helps, you still need fishing skills. Consider this an aid to enhance your odds.
  • Why was this app made?
    361 team were constantly looking at multiple sources of information early in the morning to plan their trip. At least 5 apps, sometimes more. We thought it would be useful if all of that decision making process was made for us and waiting when we woke up. A few months later and many, many lines of code we started sharing it with a few expert fishing guides. The feedback was positive and we just keep on improving it to what it is today.
  • As this catches on, aren't the locations going to be crowded?
    Everybody doesn't get sent to the same locations. The algorithm will return a list of good locations for you to try, and then we randomly pick 3 from that list to show you. If you do a data request two times in a row, you'll probably get 3 different locations. All of those locations are good.
  • Where can I send feedback? Thanks in advance.
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