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361 Email walk through

What's New will include any new features, announcements or recent issues.  The warnings section will include any weather warnings in the forecast (heavy wind, thunderstorms, lightning). 


These readings are collected every hour of the day.   Most fishermen like to look at changes in values over these time periods, since changes can indicate if it's a good day to go or not.  Barometric pressure dropped below 30?  Good.  The water level data is very important since it will indicate the MLLW for a given station.  This can be used to indicate that some locations will be accessible today and others should be avoided.    361 is working on factoring water level in to the "Where to Go" section so we don't recommend any spots that should be avoided as a result.   


The DIY guys like this data and can make their own game plan based on many years of experience.  The moon data is used in the major and minor feeding times below.  Moon fullness is a good indicator of when the fish might have eaten during the night.  The wind speed and wind direction are current values when the email was sent. 


The hourly forecast is used for many things.  First, it's nice to see a prediction of the wind speed and direction throughout the day.  Also shown will be any thunderstorms or bad weather.   This hourly forecast is used to determine WHERE TO GO below, based on wind.  


Tides.  Most fishermen try to plan their day around high or low tides for best fishing.  It's also useful to know before you navigate to a spot during high tide, wade for a while and then find your boat beached when the tide rolls out.  These tide times are for the meter locations, 361 is currently working on tide times per location. 


Feeding times are based on the lunar phases and increased animal feeding activity.  There are different opinions on which part of the window is best, some prefer to go before the end, others before the start and fish all the way through the period.  


When to Go.  This section includes the time and rating (OK, Good or Great).    These times and ratings are based on the algorithm that looks at multiple data sources.  

Where To Go.  The locations recommended in this section are a result of the algorithm selecting spots based on wind direction.   Each location in our 361 database has a best wind direction and second best wind direction.  These directions are then compared to the wind direction in the hourly forecast.   The most common wind direction in the hourly forecast for the morning hours is used for the morning spots.  The most common wind direction in the hourly forecast for the afternoon hours is used for afternoon spots.  The number of bay spots is limited to 3 even though more are returned.   Each location listed will indicate if it requires a boat, the water depth range and if it's a good location for a kayak.  The locations are hot linked to a google map with complete GPS coordinates for your navigation.  

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