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Why We Fish

I had a person who I did not know take this picture of me fishing a few weeks ago. He approached me a week later and said "You don't know me but I thought you would want this.". He was right, I did want that, and as I stared at it, it reinforced the reasons I go fishing.

For me, its about connection. Connecting with nature and connecting with friends. Being waist deep wading in the water in the middle of an amazing ecosystem is man connecting with nature. "Hunting fish" with artificial lures becomes quite challenging but also amazingly fun. There's so much to it that it never gets boring.

Connecting with friends is also very rewarding. "Dude time" get togethers involving memorable experiences like catching that monster red in Super Flats while John was untangling his birds nest are memories of a lifetime. Guys being guys. Also, having time with just me and my wife on the water offer great bonding and conversations.

For some it's about filling coolers and social media fish pics. I get it, everybody likes different things about it - to each his own. But as much as I like to eat fish, just being out there without all of the distractions of the modern world, rejuvenates me in ways that are hard to explain. And I might just catch a few monsters.

I know you get it.

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