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What We've Been Working On

Now that we are rolling into the summer and hopefully get a break from these high winds, I thought I'd take a second to share what we've been working on.

Tide times by location. Yeah, there's a reason we've been working on this one for awhile - it's hard. Real hard. And we want to make sure it's right. But yes, being able to know tide times for a particular location is very useful, especially since the ones posted are based on a water station in a bay and could be WAY OFF from your location. trust me. Have you ever anchored your boat, waded for awhile and then had a hard time getting back in because the water level was so high? Or, even worse, have you ever anchored your boat, waded for awhile and returned to a beached boat? Yeah, me neither. Aside from those safety concerns, it's also good to know the tide times for fishing. Different people like it different ways, but most pro guides do use tides in their strategy in some form or another. At 361 we use it in our algorithms on WHEN TO GO and whether or not it is OK, GOOD, or GREAT. Tides play a major role in that logic.

Apple Watch interface. Ok so having a nice watch interface to the data that you need to know:

  • Tide times near where you are

  • Vibration notifications of major and minor feeding times ("it's major feeding time, get your lines in the water!")

  • Weather alerts

  • Water temps and levels

We have no plans currently to support any other watches at this time. I'll share details of how to get the watch interface once it's done and fully tested.

Happy fishing, have fun and most importantly be safe out there. You can always buy fish.

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