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Time to Meet Our Guides

361FISHING works with two guides who rotate providing useful information in our "What To Throw" section of the data request email. Even though we pull data from many different sources, reformat it and consolidate it into a blueprint, there is one aspect of fishing that we cannot address with software - What's working, where and why? What should I tie on the end of my line? This information requires boats on the water and wet lines every single day from expert guides who are out there a lot. These two guides are providing this information for no cost, just helping the fishing community by sharing their knowledge to help all of us catch more fish. So here they are.

Capt. Larry Bell - Artificial Action

Larry has been fishing in the coastal bend area for oh, only about 35 years. Larry focuses on artificial baits which is mostly what we do on this site. His guidance is a regular part of many fishing game plans between 361fishing and his YouTube videos titled "Texas Fishing Tips" which is a great resource - subscribe to the channel today. His passion for teaching people how to be better anglers is obvious to anyone who has been around him.

Capt. Brian Holden - Holden Guide Services.

Brian Holden has been a fishing, hunting, and birding guide in the coastal bend of Texas for 30 years. In 1995, he was the head guide for the world class Redfish Lodge on Copano Bay Resort, catering to over 4000 sportsmen each year from all over the country and the world. Brian specializes in bay and near shore fishing throughout the middle Texas coast as well as duck hunting and birding tours. He has won numerous fishing tournaments throughout his career, including the largest inshore tournament in the world 3 times. He is a fully licensed and insured outfitter, as well as a Certified Wildlife Guide.

That's 65 years of pro fishing expertise between these two guys. We are so lucky to have them as contributors.

Finally, there is no substitute for getting on the water with a professional guide, especially one as qualified as these two. A trip with one of these guys would make an awesome Fathers Day present for any of us! (my wife reads these posts)

Thank you Larry and Brian!

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